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Thai children's dresses
Have a look at our range of made to order Thai-style children's dresses below...

All our dresses and suits will be custom-tailored according to your requirements regarding measurements, colour, etc. The dress prices in our web site are indication prices, and if you are interested in an original Thai dress please let us have your clothing measurements in inches or centimeters at the time of your order.

In the section 'Ram Thai Accessories' you can find our big range of head dresses, bracelets, ankle bracelets, necklaces, upper arm rings, and other items complementing dresses from Thailand.

Ram Thai accessories
Ram Thai accessories

All prices are in US$ per piece and do not include shipping. We also give volume discounts for larger orders; just contact us for further information.

Please click on the pictures below for larger images and details of the items shown.

Thai girls' costumes

Thai children's dresses

R001 (1st left)
Girls' dress

R020 (2nd left)
Girls' dress
S: US$ 59.00
M: US$ 64.00
L: US$ 66.00
XL: US$ 68.50
LL: US$ 73.50
S: US$ 37.50
M: US$ 47.00
L: US$ 54.00
XL: US$ 62.50
LL: US$ 68.50

R005 (1st left)
Girls' dress

R009 (center)
Boys' suit

R003 (1st right)
Girls' dress
S: US$ 47.00
M: US$ 52.00
L: US$ 56.50
XL: US$ 60.00
LL: US$ 66.00
S: US$ 56.50
M: US$ 62.50
L: US$ 74.50
XL: US$ 82.00
LL: US$ 89.00
S: US$ 38.50
M: US$ 42.00
L: US$ 46.00
XL: US$ 50.50
LL: US$ 53.00

Thai girls' dress

Thai girls' costumes

Girl's dress

Girls' dress
S: US$ 96.00
M: US$ 115.50
L: US$ 137.00
XL: US$ 158.50
LL: US$ 174.00


Girls' dress
S: US$ 41.00
M: US$ 44.50
L: US$ 48.00
XL: US$ 53.00
LL: US$ 56.50

Girls' dress
S: US$ 44.00
M: US$ 48.00
L: US$ 52.50
XL: US$ 56.50
LL: US$ 62.50
How to measure a dress or suit for girls or boys

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